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Saturday, July 16, 2011

Turning 2 Bunkers into 1

On a Donald Ross hole that plays uphill all the way from tee to green, some newer bunkers have been added to the right side of the green to help prevent balls from running out of bounds and into an old rocky swale. The set of three smallish bunkers that have added, don't quite fit in the same style the other bunkers we have been renovating, so the architects have decided to let us blow up the two back bunkers and combine them into a larger bunker with bolder outer lips, and finger where the divide used to be.

I did my best to take photographs every hour or so of the process.

Sod has been stripped and sand has been removed

I've blown up the divide in the bunker (see the old irrigation pipe that used to run through). We have used that soil to regrade the bottom of the bunker and raise up what use to be the middle bunker. (view from bellow)

Regrading the bottom of the bunker. (View from above)

Regrading is now finished and ready to start reshaping. The pile with the irrigation pipe sticking out is where the new finger will be built off of.

The finger has been roughed in and outer edge is starting to take shape as well.

Shaping is done and ready for topsoil.
Drainage is going in and topsoil is still going down.

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