Proper Golf

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Mission Statement

I have spent a lot of time thinking about how I want go about designing and building golf courses, when I am one day given the chance. One thing that I have recently put some thought into and wanted to get into writing is a personal mission statement for the future...

People play golf for fun. Whether it is the sport, the competition, the enjoyment of being outdoors, the challenge of mastering the swing, or whatever reason, what it all boils down to is that unless you are a professional golfer who plays golf as a job, 99.99% of golf is played for fun just like every other form of sport and entertainment at the amateur level.

I, The Golfmeister, as builder and designer, am dedicated to extracting the most fun, enjoyable and exciting round of golf possible out of the site and budget. Through site exploration, adaptation of style and sheer imagination, it is my job to provide every golfer with the utmost potential for fun. There will be no set rules that ever could possibly limit the potential for providing fun golf shots through architecture.

Through years of experience being in the minds of golfers of all skills and personalities, calculating every decision on the course, carefully studying what excites them, combined with an ever expanding list of courses to draw inspiration from, I will sculpt each individual site into a fun and unique form of sport. I will be there using every tool possible to accomplish this from pencil to bulldozer as the only way to guarantee my product and vision.