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Thursday, October 21, 2010

Going the distance

Mike Stranz, Stonehouse VA

If you want to be in "the biz" get used to spending huge hours behind the wheel. Sure, transportation has changed since A.W. Tillinghast drove a zillion miles around the country, but there is no way anyone can financially survive from only working at courses in their neighborhood. That means you gotta rack up the miles, car, truck or plane.

Today's travel recap:
  1. 5:07-5:30: Drive to Nutley, 14 miles (change to van)
  2. 5:40-6:49: Drive to Skillman, 43 miles
  3. 4:30-6:00: Drive to Passaic, 46 miles
  4. 6:00-6:10: Drive to Nutley, 3 miles (change back to car)
  5. 6:30-7:00: Drive home, 14 miles
totals - 4 hours, 120 miles

Of the 3 projects we currently have going, Skillman is the 2nd furthest/closest. Sometimes I can cut out a few steps when I drive my own car to the site myself.

Make sure you are comfortable in your car. Ipod chargers, satellite radio, extra clothes, tire pumps, jumper cables, time travel devices, radar detectors, and of course my golf sticks are always near by cause I practically live in my car. Yesterday after working 9 hours, driving the van for another 3:30 at this point, it took me 2 hours to go the last 14 miles home.... The only thing you can do is GET USED TO IT, and if you like the work enough, you will.

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