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Thursday, February 10, 2011

A Formidable Hazard

From the Golfmeister's Sketchbook. Bonus points if you can name
the no longer existing course that inspired this drawing

Modern bunkers, especially in America, tend not to offer the penalty that the sandy hazard was originally intended for many years ago on the original links courses. Any golfer who has played these classic links no doubt remembers what it was like the first time they played out sideways or backwards from a pot bunker. For whatever reason, what is understood as fun and interesting challenge escaping from these hazards, all of a sudden becomes unfair when back in America.

It is my theory that we can make golf a lot more fun and interesting by making our "hazards" into real formidable hazards, like the sketch above. With more punishing bunkers, where a full recovery will not always be an option, architects will be forced to be much more careful of their placement and construction/maintenance costs should actually be lower because there will be fewer. While spending an entirety of ones round in bunkers of this sort will no doubt cause a golfer to quit, leaving a golfer with one or two memories of such gnarly bunkers surely will create a positive experience.

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