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Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Photo Essay - Pinehurst #2

Architect: Donald Ross
Host 1999, 2005, 2014 Mens and 2014 Womens US Opens

One of my first memories on the subject of golf was watching Payne Stewart's funeral on tv when I was 12. Pinehurst #2 was the lifelong project of Donald Ross. It has seriously evolved since, and comes with a lot of exaggerated stereotypes of what Ross golf really is. It also happens to be a very difficult golf course. On my last trip to NC, work had just begun on the C and C renovation for the opens.

1 Tee
1 Green.
Get used to false fronts. Also note how close the group on 2 tee is.

2 Green
Note the rolling terrain and mounding that flows from the greens into the surrounds.

3 Tee
Often mentioned with the best short par 4's in the world.

4 Green
The original home of the golf hall of fame.

5 Tee
Landing zone cant be seen from the tee. Right side of the fairway is best.
5 Green.
The hardest shot on the course is hitting this green.

5 Green.
Note the steepness



Green is split into a distinct right and left side. The best par 3 on the course.

From the front tee.

14 Green

15 Tee

15 Green.
Note how the cuts from the bunker and mounding work together with the contour of the green.

Don't forget about the blind bunker on the left when laying up.


Personally I feel #18 is one of the weakest holes on the course, but the history aka Payne Stewart make it plenty interesting.

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