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Monday, July 26, 2010

Career Update

I have been working for a full service golf course construction company for 4 months.
I have worked at 8 different golf courses. All renovation.
I have seen 1 architect.

Our mission statement might as well be: hurry up and wait; if you are standing around we are losing money. We do things by the book.

some jobs I (personally) have done: build irrigation/drainage, haul material on site, load, build cartpaths, finish tees/approaches/bunkers, cosmetic grass repair, rough shape mounds, cap/rough shape dumps, mix top-soil, tree removal

equipment i have used: JD 650 dozer, Cat d3 dozer, 6/7 different trackhoes w and w/out knucklebucket, backhoes, loaders, dump trucks, sod cutter, compactors, saws, and done plenty of shovel/rake/hand work

Of those involved in field work, I play 99.9 percent of the golf

are there things I wish could be different, of course, but as someone who has "been in the business" for 4 months, I am getting an unbelievable education. I cant imagine ever building/designing a golf course without being where I have been. It is extremely difficult to run a small business these days, when you are keeping track of aprox 100 pieces of equipment and 10 full time employees, sometimes things need to be done a certain way to stay in business.

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