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Monday, August 2, 2010

Century: Review

Architect: HS Colt / CH Alison
Purchase, NY

Built on a square, undulating property, Century Country Club is one of the most underrated golf clubs in Westchester NY. A club that clearly got more credit and press in the past, I suspect partly due to a certain Mr. Hogan, it now slips under the radar... and if you ask me, that is a bonus. The course is always in fabulous condition and pace of play is almost never an issue.

Routed in a modified fan shape, the hole sequencing disguises a mild case of parallel hole syndrome by starting both 9's from the apex. This golf course is definitely an easy walk and has nice variety of views. You hardly notice the house or 2 that sneak into the picture. While I'm not sure how much Colt/Alison remains, the obvious recent renovation certainly offers some of the most impressive bunkering in area, large and bold greens, and a good amount of tee placement options.

#15 This diagonal hazard is a fairly impressive test from the tee.

The opening stretch of holes (1-4) are great. #1, has a very Winged Foot West feel to it; its a long, hard par-4 that bends to the left. Holes #2 and #3 are both nice short par-4s that offer up birdie chances early. One plays uphill, the other down. One a forced carry and the other can be played along the ground. Also, with driver not an obvious play for either hole, the hole sequencing really sets the tone for what this course is all about... #4 is the best par-3 on the course.

The next stretch of holes, #5 and #6 I would classify as hard, and overrated. People have a tendency to crush on their #1 handicap holes. Clearly the case here. Both have hard drives, with tees pointing you away from the ideal line, and hard angles on the approach. These holes have their place on the course as a true test of the game, but they are not the best. I'm disappointed by how un-excepting #5 is to a running approach. A long downhill par-4 with a fairly open entrance to the green just begs for a low running 3-wood.

#4 has two distinct sections to this green. It plays like 2 different holes when pin is moved from front left to back right.

The opening stretch on the back nine, #10-12 is fabulous. #10 tee is the highest point on the course, and has two very different teeing grounds, adding a bit of variety for the members. The par-5 #11 is my favorite hole on the course. You don't see many centerline bunkers like this one in Westchester County. I love how pin placement effects the way you play the hole from 2nd shot on. #12 is a short par-4 with a choice of heroic drive over a gnarly bunker and next to water or mid-length lay-up.

#12 You can see how pin placement has effected which side of the bunker I hit my lay-up to.

After a solid mix of holes #18 stands out to me as one of the best finishes I have played. Uphill and not to long, #18 has a nice wide fairway, with more room than one can see from the tee, giving everyone a chance one last time. A left pin can also provide momentum changing shots with an optional carry during a match. The green however, may be the best on the course. Sloping steeply back to front, the ridges running left to right can produce breaks over 30 ft from above the pin.

#18 I love how the clubhouse is not the backdrop from the tee, yet, it is just steps from the green on the left.

Century is a very good golf course. Providing more than enough options in setup and strategy to satisfy any member, it is rare to find 18 holes as good as these. There are no glaring weaknesses, although if I had to find something I would say the par-5's are all a little to similar and the 2 shorter par-3's weak. This course offers so many exciting shots, I cant imagine how anyone wouldn't enjoy it.

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