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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Geoff Ogilvy Interview

Remember This! Tiger, missed his first cut, Phil hits it off the tent,
an Aussie Wins, and the only day I wasn't there was Sunday!

Geoff sat down for nearly 30 min to discus what he would do if PGA commissioner for a day, some cool things about his home course Whisper Rock in Scottsdale, the Top-5 in the world and in the last few minutes his new architecture ventures with Michael Clayton... No, not with me, but's Alan Bastable.

Geoff Oglivy, who famously won after the infamous Mickleson disaster on #18 in the 2006 US Open at Winged Foot, has become one of my favorites on tour, not just for his good play, but for his opinions on golf courses. Unlike most +7's Mr. Ogilvy just seems to get it. If you can get past the ever annoying questions about the cut on his finger, which you can tell he is just being polite, his thoughts on slow play and what it means to play on tour are worth it... Lets just say if Ogilvy Clayton Golf and Tiger Woods Design, both newly established GCA firms without a had offers on the table, it would be real difficult to decision, which is saying a lot considering the possibilities.

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