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Thursday, March 31, 2011

Quaker Ridge Renovation Photos

Yesterday I went up to Quaker Ridge Golf Club in Scarsdale, NY to check out the renovation that Gil Hanse is working on (construction also by Hanse and Hawk Shaw). The renovation focusing on green expansion, going back to the original Tillinghast size and shapes, a complete bunker renovation, tree removal, restoration of the 17th green complex, and restoring some of the intended Tillinghast shot values to holes that have been altered over time, most notably the double dogleg 14th. With the majority of the holes already receiving attention over the last few years, holes #2, 3, 6, 14, 15 mostly at the Northern end of the property were the focus of the last part of the renovation plan... [photos marked (2010) were taken yesterday, but renovated last year]

#1 Tee (2010)

#1 Fairway Bunker (new 2010)

#3 Approach, Green expanded back and right. Bunkers Rebuilt.

#3 Right greenside bunker reshaped with flashed faces and deeper

#3 Right Greenside Bunker

#6 Restored both the fairway bunkers, expanded the left greenside bunker
and eliminate the right

#6 Left fairway bunker w liner installed

#6 Restored right fairway bunker had been grassed over for years

#6 Approach with temp pin

#6 Left greenside bunker, now the only greenside bunker, has been
expanded back into the approach

Turning the corner on #7 with green cover still on (2010)

#8 Approach Renovated 2010

#9 was mostly restored in 2010, but the left side of the hole has been changed again with the alteration of the mounding on left. I'd bet fescues will be planted soon.

#11 is a great example of a thoughtful tree removal program (2010)

#12 Left fairway bunker restored (2010)

#12 Approach (2010)

#13 Reef Hole strategy restored (2010)

#14 Double Dogleg has the most significant changes

#14 New Tees

#14 Haven't counted all the new bunkers yet

#14 Bunkers looking back

#14 Upper fairway has been regraded on the right... club up

#14 Reshaped blind bunker

#15 Restoration of fairway bunker and fairway shifted right

#15 A much nicer look without all the pine trees

#15's new bunker will significantly impact this hole for shorter hitters

#16 Green (2010)

Quaker Ridge #18 had the fairway bunker restored and fairway
shifted in 2010

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