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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Phil Mickelson to use 2 Drivers at The Masters

3 Time Masters Champion Phil Mickelson

Phil, who has done this before, just said in his press conference Tuesday at Augusta Nation Golf Club that he will again be using two drivers while trying to win his 4th Masters. Mickelson said the 2nd driver would replace the 3-iron in his bag. Siting the warm temperatures, and his strategy for the par-5's he feels like 4-iron will be all he need from the fairways to reach in two. The second driver is supposed to carry about 15 yards further and be one inch longer; it probably has some loft/lie adjustments as well. Expect to see this new driver in play on #1, where he will be trying to carry the fairway bunker, surely just one of many exciting plays to come this week.

Phil's plan is to carry this bunker on top of the hill on hole #1. A very
bold strategy right out of the starting gates even for the long hitting
lefty who never seems to lay it up.


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