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Friday, April 22, 2011

1st Week Back

Its been extra busy around here in my first week back on the job this week after surgery. In the spirit of going full speed ahead at Pavelec Bros Golf Course Construction and looking at Quaker Ridge Golf Club here are some of the highlights:

A renovated #15 at Quaker Ridge
(1 original fairway bunker reestablished, fairway shifted right, bunkers
reshaped, trees removed on right and behind green, green expanded)

- caddied for 1997 Mid-Am Champion and Masters Invitee Ken Bakst
- dug 260 ft of drainage in my first day back in the operators seat for the new practice tee @ Lookaway CC in Bucks County, PA
- hauled 312 ton of mix to the new practice tee @ Lookaway CC on thursday... only about 750 more to go!

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