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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

New 18 Hole Course to be added at Ballyneal, CO

#15 Tee blends into the "Chop Hills" of Ballyneal Golf and Hunt Club.
Parts of the new course will be located just off the back of this hill.

Ballyneal Golf and Hunt Club, already home to one of the best modern golf courses I have ever played, plans to add a 2nd 18 holes according to golf digest...

The second course will be designed by Bruce Hepner, a former VP and Sr. Design Associate for Tom Doak's Renaissance Golf Design, who built the first course. Apparently the course will course will not be quite as rugged as Mr. Doak's, but we can expect the same artistic and fun style of golf members and guests are used to. The routing, which is rumored to be located in the slightly softer terrain to the players right of #18, near the entrance, and wrap around the existing back 9 in an out-and-back style. Apparently a crossover may even be possible between the two courses, which is totally in the spirit of the place.

The tough #17 is also located close to the proposed new course

Based on the terrain, the overwhelmingly fun spirit of the club, and the track record for courses Mr. Hepner has been involved with in the past, I expect another world class golf course will soon come to life in Holyoke, CO. Hopefully Golf Digest will finally figure it out after the next course is built; Ballyneal is seriously in the discussion for the best 25 golf courses in world, why their rankings don't reflect that is beyond me... Good luck to Ballynizzle and those who will be trampling around in Yucca uncovering the next course.


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