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Thursday, June 16, 2011

Some recent shots from work, Banks Renovation

I've been spending most of my time on the renovation of 9 holes originally designed by Charles Banks. We are on Phase 2 of 4 with the other 27 holes originally designed by Donald Ross.

Banks #1 "Punchbowl"

view from left approach:
some sod has already been stripped by hand

view from left:
More sod is being stripped by hand and now with trackhoe helping. You can see the truck is loaded and on our plywood haul road to minimize damage

View from back corner of bunker:
Sand has been removed and the drainage has been installed. Some de-thatching has begun as well as re-topsoiling. No major reshaping is taking place, although some edges will be adjusted and sand will be more visible.

View from haul road:
The backside has been prepped from sod, the edging is being finished by hand and the extra topsoil is being loaded out for safe keeping.

View from approach:
ready for sod

Banks #6 "Alps" (right greenside bunker)

View from front:
Some minor re-shaping on the front edge to make sand more visible. Top soil has already been removed on the right, cut is being made on the lighter brown soil, and shiny soil left is untouched grade ready for de-thatching and re-sodding

View from front:
Subgrade has been reshaped, ready for topsoil and finish grade.

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