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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

A Deep Trench

Mi amigos "Flaco Trackhoe" and Joel

Above is picture I took from the high side of drain that will connect one catch basin around the back of a green, under irrigation, under a road and into a bigger catch basin. Clearly the trench was very deep, but in order to keep the pitch, we had to go very deep through the mounding used to build up the green and bunker.

Some things we did to make it easier/keep it safe:
  • Found all the irrigation that we would be near or digging under, and exposed the pipe by hand.
  • Used a bigger bucket than normal
  • Lowered and flattened (it was a severe left/right slope) to keep the trench from going above head level and make it easier/more comfortable for the operator
  • Kept spoils well clear of trench and on downhill side to prevent cave-ins and to help balance out my machine as we went along
  • Rotated the machine one the mounding was crested so the dozer blade was always on the downhill side

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