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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

The Contest

Mission Hills Hainan, the Chinese version of golfers disney land part deux, has decided to hold an open design contest for 3 holes on their new Icon Course. They have like 3 zillion courses already,! and decided to try something a little different on this "Icon" course where each hole's design is inspired by, well anything. They are asking people to design 3 golf holes, based on anything you want (objects, things, creatures, etc) and then they will choose the best par 3, 4, and 5 of the lot. From what I've read, more out of the box the ideas are what they are looking for.

Their examples included, chopsticks, fireworks and the birdsnest stadium used during the olympics.

Obviously this sort of architectural thinking isn't exactly in line with purist thinking, and many view this as the opposite direction that the game of golf and architecture needs to be headed in. Others don't really have a problem with it, seeing it as a fun alternative to all the other courses in the development, and will have no problem hoping in the cart with fully automated gps tracking devices and slap it around for a few hours.

Personally, this idea doesn't bother me. If there is one platform for the type of course, its Mission Hills. Not that I have ever been there, but due to what I've read, seen and the sheer volume of golf they already have, its not a bad idea I don't think. Also one must consider the marketing strategies being employed here. If you go on the site and click through, you start to get a sense of the demographic their aiming this at, not the same group that makes annual pilgrimages to Bandon.

I already have a few ideas for my submission. One of which involves a natural disaster. Good luck.

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