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Monday, December 20, 2010


Visualization is one of the most important things in golf. Its involved in pretty much every swing tip you have ever heard, obviously involved in playing the game (half the game requires putts to be read!), and obviously its an everyday occurrence in architecture and construction. Some thoughts I shared on yesterday. Visualization ...

I'm very good at being able to visualize whatever I'm trying to create. I don't really know how to explain it, but I can see final products in my head.

However this skill is completely useless unless you have the problem solving abilities to actually figure out the process to create what you see in your mind. This is what I go to work everyday to practice, so when I get my next chance, I have every tool possible to translate idea into something solid.

The ability to breakdown the image of a final product into all of its steps towards creation and having faith that your vision will only be achieved by following a long process start to finish is a miracle of the human mind. Through the beginning stages of my golf course building career, the absolute hardest thing for me to do is to let my vision of the finished product go a let the process take of it and build up to it.

It took me thousands of hours in the printmaking studio to master the process of photo silkscreen, a flat 2-dimensional medium. Golf courses are a much more complicated animal that only a handful of people have probably ever really tamed.

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